Athletic Physicals

Submitting Athletic Physicals & Forms

Please adhere strictly to the procedures and due dates listed below for completing and submitting athletic physicals and forms to the school.  These are guided by state law, and failure to do so may prevent your child  from being eligible to participate in school sports.

1. All students must use the NJSIAA forms  found on the links below. These forms are specifically written for school athletics, and no other forms can or will be accepted. 

2. Forms will only be accepted for the next upcoming  athletic season.  

3. Due dates for each sport are listed below (no forms will be accepted outside of these dates).

4. Faxed or photocopied forms are not permitted and will not be accepted.

5. Once fully completed, all forms are to be submitted to the school nurse by the deadlines listed below.  

What forms are needed for ALL  students who wish to try out for a sport?

All students who wish to try out for a sport must have the following documents on file in the school by the appropriate due date (dates are found below ):

1. current Athletics Physical filled in completely on the correct form

2. A Parent Permission/Emergency Form

3. A Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet Sign-Off Sheet

4. A Sudden Cardiac Death and Concussion Acknowledgement Form

Please note:

  • Some students will need to submit a Health History Questionnaire .  See below.
  • All forms needed in order for a student to be cleared for a sport are available either at the school or can be downloaded off of the links below .
  • There are strict rules and dates to be followed in approving students for athletics.  These procedures can take several weeks, and are dictated by state law ; the school has no flexibility in granting exceptions.  Therefore, please follow the guidelines and dates below carefully .  Forms are often returned due to missing information or errors; this delays the process and can prevent your child from being cleared in time for try-outs.
  • Directions on how to fill in the forms and what forms are needed can be found below.

How do I get an Athletic Physical on file in the school nurse's office?

If your child is interested in trying out for any of our teams (including cheer), the school must have a current athletic physical examination on record in the nurse’s office.  Athletic physicals are good for 365 days.   The schools' form must be used- it is linked below as AthleticPhysicalForm.

The physical must be current (less than 365 days old ) at the start date of the sport the student is trying out for.  This can be accomplished in 2 ways:

1.   The student gets a new physical examination and the physician completes the required form during the visit. Pages 1 and 2 of the form are to be filled in by the parents and brought to the physician for his or her review.   The remaining pages are to be filled in by the physician .

--- OR ---

2.   If the student has had a physical less than 365 days prior to the start date of the sport, the forms can simply be brought to the physician to be filled in.   Pages 1 and 2 of the form are to be filled in by the parents  and brought to the physician for his or her review.  The remaining pages are to be filled in by the physician .

In either case, the athletic physical must be filled in completely, signed, dated & stamped by the physician.  Do not separate the pages.

What if my child already has a current, athletic physical on record with the school?

If your child already has a current athletic physical on record with the school nurse and it is still valid (meaning less than 365 days old) at the start date of the sport, you will not need to submit  an athletic physical; however, all other forms must still be submitted and are all linked below). Start dates for all sports can be found in the chart at the bottom of this page.

What else do we need to submit?

A. Health History Update (linked below):  To be filled in ONLY by parents whose child already has a current, valid athletic physical on record in the nurses office .  

B. Athletic Emergency/Permission Form (linked below) : To be completed by every student for each sport they are trying out for.  This would have to be submitted for every season the student is participating in athletics.

C. Cardiac Pamphlet (linked below): To be printed and reviewed by parents and students (please keep this information for yourself- do not submit ).

D. Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet Sign-Off Sheet (linked below): To be printed, signed and dated (Can be submitted once per school year).

E. Sudden Cardiac Death and Concussion Acknowledgement Form (linked below):  To be printed, reviewed, signed and dated (Can be submitted once per school year).

**All of the forms mentioned above can be downloaded and printed off of the links below.

**Due dates for all athletic forms are listed below.  Forms will only be accepted during these times.


Athletic Physical & Form Deadlines for 2016-2017

Season - Athletic Team Begin Date to Submit Forms Deadline to Submit Forms   Date Practice/Tryouts Begin
Fall – Football June 15, 2016 July 14, 2016 August 10, 2016
Fall – All Other Athletic Teams June 15, 2016 August 11, 2016 September 8, 2016
Winter – All Athletic Teams September 20, 2016 October 16, 2016 November 20, 2016
Spring – All Athletic Teams January 13, 2017 February 13, 2017 March 13, 2017